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Feb 9


If your Persian or Oriental rug is intricately crafted and represents an important piece in your home, it may be difficult to find someone who has the knowledge and expertise necessary to clean it. Even if it is not an antique rug, an area rug can still become the centerpiece of a room. It doesn't really matter what kind of rug you have. You need rug cleaning technicians that can keep the dye from fading and remove dirt and dust from the delicate fibers.

Arlington Carpet Cleaners offers the best rug cleaning services to make sure your rugs last for many years. We will clean your rug with the most advanced techniques possible and provide a cleaner, healthier environment.

Have questions or want to know more about rug cleaning? Our team is here to help you find the answers. Below you will find some frequently asked questions about rug cleaning.

Your Rug Cleaning Queries Answered

What should I do when my rug is damaged by a pet?

Accidents can occur if there are pets in your home. The key is to plan what you should do in the moments that follow an accident.

First, use white towels or tissue to absorb as much liquid. Be careful not to rub the rug. You should also avoid using any spot-removal products that could permanently alter the rug's appearance. Arlington Carpet Cleaners is available to provide rug cleaning services. This will effectively remove evidence of pet accidents.

What are the causes and remedies for dye bleeding?

Many reasons can cause dyes' to fade, bleed, or weaken.

  • Improperly washing rug
  • Exposition to the urine of pets
  • Excessive sunlight
  • Certain chemicals contain fumes
  • Use bleach-based stain removers

Rugs with poor dyes or ineffective dying techniques can also suffer from bleeding.

How can I prolong the life expectancy for my rug?

You must vacuum your rug frequently, especially if you place it in high-traffic areas. A lot of soil that collects between rug fibers is made of dry particulate. Rugs can become sandpaper-like from the dust and dirt, which can accelerate wear.

By vacuuming your rug on an ongoing basis, you can protect the fibers and prolong their life. Arlington Carpet Cleaners professionals can also clean your rug. They will get rid of dirt and dust out of your vacuum, which will further increase its lifespan.

How should I prepare myself for a rug cleaning appointment?

The preparation for an Arlington Carpet Cleaners rug clean expert's visit won’t take long, however it will help speed up the process. You will need to remove any clutter or furniture from the area. The rug cleaner will then begin cleaning.

The technician should then take note of any stains, flaws, or other issues you are concerned about. The next step is to make sure your pets aren't in the way of the technician. Make sure you have a clear path from the driveway to the front door and back to the rug. This will allow for safe and efficient cleaning.

Can a technician visit my rug and give me an estimate?

We are happy to offer an in-home rug analysis. The following are some of the techniques that may be required to clean a rug.

After this analysis, we will give you an estimate without obligation for cleaning. We'll also inform you whether the rug can safely be cleaned at home, or if it should go to an outside facility for best results.


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